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Take a photo, tell about the photo.You who will read what you read, but where is it?
Unpretentious, ready to read
and go, without navigator, just a pinch of adventure,and a splash of probable unexpected.This is traveling. One click, a Moleskine, and a map.


Writing, imprinting on an moleskine an event, a sensation, a place.
I composed a diary for every trip,where I wrote down what I saw through writing.I have told the places with our eyes. I have written about particular places where you should go at least once.Of course they are only fragments of life, crumbs that can enrich a trip even just by reading.



.. that's right, it's a journey
made of images of our do you travel around for the world.The photo, for those who observe it for the first time,can give rise to curiosity, amazement, and much more.
For us who publish them are our memory,that memory that over the yearsit can fade it can blur.
Images are salvation,love of on the camera
will take you to the photogallery.







Umbria 2014 travel diary




Below is our showcase on the world. We liked being able to share our creations with the web objects, all completely handmade. For each object you will find a description and its use. It is obvious that being unique pieces, they cannot be identical, because precisely created one at a time, with patience and passion.if you have any ideasacome up when you see them, just contact us and your project will be carried out together.



.... if you have come up to here, we thank you with this latest gem.Take a look inside this room and you will find little stories from our life.

Holidays 2014


Tenth meeting in Colfiorito.


Friday September 5, 2014

Departed from Milan on Friday at 9.30 and after a few stops and about 500 km. here we are in Colfiorito.

With cars and motorcycles

The house is on two levels in Località Forcatura

the owner is Ms Silvana who runs this beautiful farmhouse with the whole family.

He provided us with milk biscuits made by them and all the organic products they produce.

After settling in we went to meet the V strommers in Lieta Sosta

in Colfiorito a restaurant where the dishes are very abundant and where they continue to go and fill your plate. Excellent dinner, we met old friends and met new ones.

Saturday 6 September

9 am departure for the tour in the hills of the Sibillini mountains and beyond. Path link.

The names of the villages followed one another, they ran away before my eyes like the sand blown by the wind. So I made a small map. Lunch break in S. Lucia of the Sibillini hills Farmhouse and restaurant. Again the food was very good and plentiful. The break flew by telling us about our experiences and exchanging e_mail and n. phone. Then around 4 p.m. towards Castelluccio.

In the park you cannot travel more than 3 or 4 motorbikes so at the entrance we segmented ourselves. The show coming down from Montegallo was crazy.

At first the fog and coolness went down to 14 degrees and it made us a little numb, then the spectacle of the valley immersed in this September mist made us travel like in a Tolkien saga. The more it went down and the valley gradually widened and if before the village was seen out of focus now it stood on top of its memorable hill. Unfortunately, the esplanade was not flourished because the lentil harvest has already taken place, but it was equally impressive.

After 230 km, with a path (which you will find in the maps), we are back in Colfiorito. The ride was wonderful and the organization was perfect. We met for the gala evening. Around 9 pm at the Forti

The organizers were able to choose well. We tasted new flavors and drank local wines. In the end two mimosa cakes. One carried the logo and the other reproduced the print of the shirt they gave us on Friday.

After a lot of chatter and countless glasses of wine, we met on Sunday. Where many would have left. Destination home.

We instead NO.

Sunday 7 September

8.30 am there is still no one, we did 1.30 last night.

Yesterday we were about 90 bikes, today, for the lap, we should be 27.

After saying goodbye to those who were leaving, some going home and finding relatives, we got ready for our Sunday tour, certainly less demanding than the previous one. 

In fact, we only went to see the Marmore waterfalls. Hellish chaos. We only saw them from outside due to time constraints, we stopped and chatted in front of this majesty, then off for lunch. The donje col dònca (I hope to have written it right) would never end, but unfortunately the good things end and in this case we said goodbye, but we said goodbye to everyone, because we stay until Friday.

Monday 8 September

Historical date for us Italians. In our small way the stages of today will be:

Foligno, Montefalco and Bevagna. To start the week off well breakfast.

So towards Foligno after walking through the streets of the center we settled down and drank a good cappuccino at the bar in Piazza della Repubblica where Palazzo Trinci stands on this rectangle thanks to this family the city was embellished with prestigious architectural works. The building has a particular passage "Suspended bridge" it is a walkway that communicates with another house in the square.

Then we see the church, Cathedral of San Feliciano the patron saint of the city. Then the majestic facade of the town hall which has just been refreshed, which is none other than the Palazzo dei Priori and the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo joined together.

PS Curiosity. It is also said that the first Divine Comedy was printed in Foligno from the first typography in Palazzo Orfini, another famous family in the area.

Now let's take our two souls to another location. Montefalco.

Parking is paid, but if you look around the walls they are free. To get to the city we go up the worn steps these steps that lead us to a very well-kept square with low saplings that bring some shade to the very sunny day. Right next to it there is a bar with a terrace and we stop to eat. Then two steps in the village where a maze of narrow streets make us lose our orientation, but not the desire to buy good wine. So we come to one of the many open shops that surround this beautiful village. We take a Sagrantino a montefalco a Trebbiano Spoletino and a Grechetto and satisfied we too go out with our beautiful cardboard package that highlights the tasty, expensive, bottles.

PS Curiosity: Montefalco also called the railing of Umbria given by the wonderful location, but there is another anecdote. It was also named "strip of land fallen from the sky" in fact gave birth to as many as 8 saints of the Middle Ages, who now have the names of their 8 districts.We don't want to go home the day is still long and then, towards Bevagna, another typical local place. The suggestions of all these and others was provided to us by the guys we met at the meeting. Drink is the diamond is a gem for Umbria is the first city of the Middle Ages. You enter through Porta Flaminia and go along a paved road, with the water brush in the middle, uphill after countless craft shops, open, we also see the paper museum and we decide to see it on our return. We are in Piazza Silvestri, huge wide with somewhat particular perspectives. Inside the Church of San Michele Arcangelo there is the essential. We sit at the corner bar to savor the humanity of that place, the dialect of the citizens who pass by make us smile. The fountain, built under the old well that quenched the thirst of the whole town, was built in around 1800. It returned to the original recently, after a child had detached a flap playing with it while climbing. So now it's restructured. A passage leads into the alleys, the houses are close to each other and the wooden doors sometimes have unique door openers. Curiosities They say "The peaceful life of Bevagna". A city far from civilization. We return home, we are tired and our eyes for today have observed and stored an infinity of splendid images. We stop at the supermarket in Colfiorito and buy everything we see different from our habits. Cheeses, cured meats, bread, some fruit. The shop is tiny, but it contains everything you need. The clerks are kind and smiling. The cottage awaits us. 

Tuesday 9 September

I downloaded the map of the stages from google today. It is very comfortable, you can consult it at any time. So: Visso, Norcia and Cascia.

The town of Visso is the gem of the Sibillini mountains. We are in the Marche. After passing the door of Piazza Garibaldi we park the motorbike in the widest street of the village. We take a juice before visiting this pearl. Let's listen to the songs and idioms. There is a lot of traffic coming from the majestic Porta. We go into the paved paths too. You can see medieval balconies and effigies of old families. In the square we notice two churches. One is the very ancient XII century Collegiate Church of Santa Maria, next to it the church of S. Agostino, today the seat of the Museum where all the works of the churches of the Visso area are collected. The Sibillini mountains stand as a frame to this village.

We take the motorbike towards Norcia taking the road to Preci, it is very busy, but then it branches out and becomes panoramic and in a flash here is the Norcia sign.

Needless to say, the whole world knows that it is a wonderful town in Umbria. We put the motorbike in a lane, then we proceed towards the center, the sun is now high, there are not many people in the street, just a few tourists. We glue to the windows where we see every delicacy, hams, salami, cheeses, in short, each shop repeats the previous one with its own personality, so looking we arrive in the center. Piazza San Benedetto, blinding, the sun reflects on the white of the marbles that adorn it, the shadow is hidden only behind the two lions of La castellina, a fortified palace now home to a museum with contemporary art exhibitions. We lengthen the pass and after visiting the Basilica of San Benedetto, some say it was built on the old house of the Saint.

We proceed and see a magnificent shop all decked out right there a little further on a local FM (Piazza San Benedetto 7 | a) attracts our attention. A bersò intimately contains well-laid tables.

We sit down, the owner comes out who, with clear and safe speech, lists the whole menu and underlines that all their products are zero km. We decide for a mixed cold cuts and a mixed cheese platter. With them, there are also pleasant jams, very tasty and tasty. We season it all with a glass of Colle capretta, that is, a Spoleto Trebbiano, adoringly marries with the food we were eating. The very industrious and talkative owner tells us about his products. After this pleasant snack, the tour of the town continues. We stop for shopping in the shop after the restaurant and take heat-sealed hams and cheeses to take us home to Milan. Laudani norceria

Satisfied we turn to Cascia.

Parking is much simpler with the motorbike. In fact, we parked very close to the center. The town is filled with escalators for the millions of pilgrims who assault it all year round. Very comfortable, but not very characteristic, where before there were probably lovely climbs, now there is a metal box with teeth that shine in the sunlight and move towards the sanctuary. We go up, and then we go up and again we go up. We go out into a square where on the right we see the sanctuary of Santa Rita, that is Mother Maria Teresa Fasce. The story goes that Saint Rita wanted to erect a church, but the project was too ambitious and with only alms and some

donation never came to an end. After Rita's death, Sister Teresa Fasce committed herself, who with many help also from the church succeeded in the project that the future Saint was unable to carry out.

The remains of Santa Rita can be admired inside the church.

In the evening, we returned to Colfiorito al Forti

where Paola served us a splendid dinner, made us revisit the flavors and smells of that land.

Wednesday 10 September

Today Marmore, lake of Piediluco and Sangemini

Looking out the window it seems that today the sun has gone shopping elsewhere.

The mist covers all the mountains in front of us and the humidity is penetrating. We decide that the car is the best solution, we challenge the time and go to the Marmore Falls. already from the parking lot you can see that there are not many people. A few historical notes.This imposing structure is a work of man's ingenuity. It was built in the third century BC by a Roman consul to drain the waters of the Velino. From that moment many and many architects put their intellect to improve it and make it as functional as possible. Up to the present day where we see it in all its majesty.

The legend of the waterfall: it is said that the shepherd boy Velino was in love with a nymph who used to dive into the waters of the Nera. After much courtship the beautiful Nymph refused him. Velino then decided to jump from the highest cliff of the waterfall to be able to join her eternally. The ticket costs 9 euros. They give a booklet where it is very easy to understand the paths.We walk on the path that leads to the various itineraries, we see a cloak abandoned on a marble bench and on it a book with the pages ruffled by the wind. It was an optical, marvelous deception, I approached it and instead it was a sculpture dedicated to the poet Byron who praised the flow of water in one of his poems, in fact the book shows the verses in Italian and English. All strictly of marble. The paths are all signposted and more or less demanding. We take the simplest one. It would be better to bring a raincoat. Following our itinerary, we cross bridges and paths along the river, then stairs that end in panoramic terraces. The waterfall produces an uproar that leaves nothing to be heard.You can admire its impetuous waters that flow under our feet, and among a dense thicket of luxuriant green, the clothes get wet more and more. Photos are taken, even if the lens is tarnished by the mist caused by its violence that crashes into the rocks and wets you. It was a wonderful walk. Fortunately, the weather has improved, giving us the opportunity to capture, and bring home, all its majesty. For the conservation of the water, the waterfall has opening hours. So it would be better to consult the site before making a useless foray.   



Waterproof, comfortable and safe ankle boots, children by the hand, otherwise there is a didactic path the Gefro gnome that takes children (3/8 years) around the park.

Inquire about the opening of the waters

Too bad it came bad and the shacks that are in Piazza Byron, are withdrawing the umbrellas and chairs, unfortunately the week before they suffered damage due to violent rain.We walk, it starts to rain, excellent the decision to take the car.

The day, however, is still long then we head towards Lake Piediluco, this suggestion was also given to us by our friends from Terni, Paola and David. The sky is gray, but no longer wants to wet the already pregnant earth. We park and take a walk near the marina. Quiet, with the gloominess of the moment it is truly a magical place, two dogs chasing each other and one has decided to dive into the water, the other is waiting for him on the shore with smiling owners. The wad soaked with water comes out and pulverizes the good mood of its masters in an instant, shaking on them. After a few minutes, the little family walks towards the parking lot. The leaves on the ground are kneaded, but the trees still retain new ones, and occasionally the slight breeze drops a few drops on our heads. There is a boat in the middle, at the lake, a fisherman tries to stay still, but the current that comes from the artificial canal that acts as a waterfall does not make him stand still. We walk in this enchantment, between granite benches and half busts of strangers. The lake is the second of Umbria after the Trasimeno and does not exceed 2 meters in depth. Even in this place, there are intriguing and curious legends. here is the link to taste them drop by drop

Let's go back on our road and proceed towards San Gemini. We go up a few curves and arrive in a square with a tree in the center, at its feet on sunny days some cars will be able to enjoy its shadow, but today it is gray, we park the car next to many others and we walk on a road that takes us to the central square. I understand that this is the conjunction between the new and the old city. All the houses are made of stone, and where we are walking now, all polished and smoothed have trampled horses and ancient Romans. It seems to be immersed in another time, in another world. Gardens, balconies and flower pots soften the stone: which evokes, in a labyrinth of narrow streets, stairways and arches, a Middle Ages that continues in the games and rituals of the people. After taking many photos, we have a good coffee in Piazza D'assisi. The manager, a nice man in his fifties, suggests that we return to the end of October where every year there is a re-enactment in costume, and the whole town takes part in it. Well, the day has come to an end and we return tired, but happy. to have lived in that ancient and characteristic urban fabric of our Italian villages. 

Thursday 11 September

Today Spello and Trevi We are immersed in a reality that is not ours, here everything is going at controlled speed, everyone is calm and calm. Today we continue with the visit of two other wonderful villages. So our path always remains within this ring made of calm and new frontiers. 

Spello is very touristy comparing it with other villages here life is a little more lively, this is given by the thousands of visitors who pour into its maze of paths every day.We take the main street passing through Porta Colonia Julia and we go up slowly looking at shops artisan where they sell wine, oil and legumes, the road widens and we meet the church of Santa Maria Maggiore with its majestic bas-relief door, passing it we cross the Baglioni chapel and the painting, by Pinturicchio. PS the diocese not to spend

in electricity it keeps the lights low, but if you want to photograph the painting as soon as you turn the corner on the right you will find a button, turn on the light and then turn it off as per the ticket pasted on the button. We always advance in Via Garibaldi and even the peckers are advancing, we decide to stop by Bonci.

Today is a beautiful day, the cashier showed us the passage to the garden. It is a terraced garden, that is, from there there is a wonderful view of the countryside. We order in the shade of very tall maritime pines. The gravel shaken by the steps of the waitress warns me that a plateau of cured meats and one of cheeses and the head cake is coming. We are in Umbria these are all their delicacies, and the view crowns the lunch in a divine way. PS The head cake is a focaccia and the head is the plate where it is used to cook it. We go back into the crowd that is now even more dense. Wandering around we also find a plaque next to a jamb, a prize for the most beautiful door, that is, decorated with vases of flowers. After buying 4 bottles of wine and one of oil with our booty we head downhill towards the car. Trevi will be the last destination of this magnificent tour for the most beautiful villages in Italy. Unfortunately the beautiful day of just before it is turning into a sad September with fog and low clouds. We go up to Trevi also here we find the ancient city and the one closest to the present day. This village as well as the previous ones are on the sides or even built on the Via Flaminia, an ancient Rome's flowing route, alongside our placid companion, our travel companion for many kilometers. The Trevani are very proud of their products so much so that we have read: "Oil is like champagne". Besides oil there is an excellent wine, little valued, but very agreable. The Trebbiano which in the name denotes the origin that is: Trevi in ‚Äč‚ÄčLatin Trebia to which the adjective Trebianus that is lost in the mists of time. We go into it and notice that we are in a charming village, unlike the other stone ones, this is all brick, the town is very well cared for in all its parts, both in the greenery and in the paving maintained as it once was. After the civic tower we find Piazza Mazzini with the town hall and the Clitunno Theater. An eye to the various noble palaces of the city Palazzo Lucarini, Palazzo Natalucci and Valenti. The day draws to an end as our holidays in these wonderful regions. Tomorrow, Friday we will take the e77, recommended by the boys of the gathering because it is more flowing, then in Bologna the usual highway to Milan. Once you get there, you change your suitcase and take the Provenza plate for another two weeks, of relaxation, curiosity and light-heartedness.  




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